Bishopdale Community Preschool
91 Breens Road
Christchurch 8053

Phone 03 359 7606

Parent Testimonials

Some feedback we have received from past and present parents;

 When I visited the preschool the staff were friendly and welcoming, I was impressed by the inclusive atmosphere and the obviously well formed relationships between the staff and children.  I felt that the teachers all made an effort to get to know the children. All significant events in the children’s day were communicated clearly in conversations when I picked them up.  The staff were very approachable and friendly and if we were able to continue to send the children to Bishopdale Preschool we would, we will miss you all more than you will know.

Alison Doorey 


We have all had an extremely tough year and you guys just keep trucking on and being your awesome selves with the kids. Emma is learning so much with you (even taught me a Maori phrase the other day!!) and I can’t really put into words how great you all are.  I’m sure I speak on behalf of all the parents when I say a huge thank you to each and every one of you, you are all amazing!!

Laura Hay