Bishopdale Community Preschool
91 Breens Road
Christchurch 8053

Phone 03 359 7606


At Bishopdale Community Preschool the curriculum encompasses everything the children interacts with, that is the people, the place and the equipment. We believe that our curriculum extends to the child’s home environment; the home and preschool have a reciprocal relationship that helps build the child’s learning journey.

In New Zealand / Aotearoa all early childhood centres, preschools, kindergartens, daycare services are guided by a national curriculum - Te Whāriki, it has been described as a weaving of the things we value as important to young children’s learning and development. The diagram is of the principles of the curriculum as the strands of a woven mat. You can click on the link to view more about this curriculum.

We focus on these principle areas to enhance children’s learning and development in partnership with the family. It is our goal to help children become confident and competent learners, with a natural curiosity about the world and the courage to seek it out. To develop a trust in others that assists them on their learning journey and a will to persist when things get difficult. Young children need confidence to express their ideas and feelings in an appropriate way and to learn to take responsibility for their own learning journey. When we focus our teaching on these outcomes, within a richly stimulating environment, we believe that children will be prepared with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to become life long learners and transition to school with confidence and competence ready to learn.